Wear and Care

LovebySusie is handmade from the most luxurious silks, delicate lace and trimmings so to keep your items looking lovely please take that little bit extra care in handling and cleaning to ensure your beautiful new lingerie stays that way.

Any care related queries please do not hesitate to get in touch info@lovebysusie.co.uk xx

Lingerie Care

We recommend hand washing all lingerie in lukewarm water with a gentle detergent such as the Delicate Wash by The Laundress. All of our garments are made from delicate natural fibers like silk and lace, so they require special care to lengthen their lifespan. After soaking your lingerie for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly and air dry on a flat surface. Machine washing and drying damages fine fibers and causes undue stress by stretching and rubbing, so it is best to avoid this entirely. Underwear and loungewear can then be ironed very carefully on a cool iron.

Corset and Waspie Care

Firstly you must break in your corset or waspie. Do not tie it as tight as possible to begin with. Wear comfortably and move around in before tightening fully so as not to damage it. As the metal wires warm to your body the corset will naturally loosen up and you can tighten more.

Your corset is delivered to you ready laced up at the back. You should not have to unlace fully at any time by following these instructions. Loosen all the lacing at the back before trying on. Once on tighten from the top down until you get to the two loops half way down the back. Here you can pull the loops to fit tightly at the waist. Work your way down the back of the corset over the hips and finish with a last pull of the loops in the centre and then tie these in a bow. Extra lacing can then be tucked in.

Corsets must only be dry cleaned, DO NOT WASH! The spiral wires and steel bones are of course metal so if immersed in water will rust damaging the corset and may stain also. After wearing a few times it is advised you air the corset hanging over a door or chair.

Please take to a reputable dry cleaner and let them know that the corset is made from stainless steel bones and spiral wires.